15 years of national and international experience in Project Management and –Design in the Mobile Telecom Business have lead to the outstanding acknowledgement and reputation that we currently merit.
Through our solid background in strategic operational planning and contract administration we deal with all the aspects of the mobile telecommunication.

We work on a vast variety of sites:

  • Greenfields
  • Light poles
  • High voltage towers
  • Rooftops
  • Multi Operator Pylons
  • Micro cells
  • Water towers
  • Indoor sites
  • Churches
  • Industrial plants

Our experience spreads from design over construction to acceptance. We act as technical support for the acquisition people. We design technical constructions from scratch with focus on budget reduction, production processes and stability and esthetical feasibility. We build sites including Civil Works, steel structuring, electrical cabling, aerial layout and radio equipment installation.

We are closely involved in following processes:

  • Building Permit
  • Site acquisition
  • Leases
  • RF testing
  • Detailed Design
  • Commissioning
  • Site acceptance
  • Vendor support
  • Budget planning
  • Logistics

Check our references or click on the pictures to get a better view on the projects.

BILD0026_2-BorderMaker.jpgBILD0039_2-BorderMaker.jpgBILD0039_3-BorderMaker.jpgBILD0050_2-BorderMaker.jpgBILD0131_2-BorderMaker.jpgBILD0140_2-BorderMaker.jpgBILD0208_2-BorderMaker.jpgDSC00006_square-BorderMaker.jpgDSC00044_2-BorderMaker.jpgDSC00048 (Medium)-BorderMaker.jpgDSC00067 (Medium)-BorderMaker.jpgDSC00335_2-BorderMaker.jpgIMG-20120605-00347-BorderMaker.jpgIMG-20120606-00363_2-BorderMaker.jpgIMG-20120606-00374_2-BorderMaker.jpgIMG-20120625-00646_2-BorderMaker.jpgWP_001436_2-BorderMaker.jpgWP_001787_2-BorderMaker.jpgWP_001843_2-BorderMaker.jpgWP_002536_2-BorderMaker.jpg